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Amplify your content, generate awareness, stay top-of-mind, and drive more business leads and sales with sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram.

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Build brand awareness with comprehensive Facebook & Instagram advertising.

We Care About Your Growth

Find your most active customers with various Facebook & Instagram placements and custom ad formats.


Strategic Network Placements

Run campaigns on multiple Facebook-owned platforms, discover new users across the Facebook ad network, and tailor efforts to align with your overall strategy.


Goal-Driven Audience Selection

Customize your demographic targeting, reach your audience based on their interests, and focus on your most profitable customer segments.


Adaptive Campaign Builds

Control spend with campaigns separated by audience, set the most efficient bid strategy for your goals, and scale your efforts easily as traffic grows.


Streamlined Creative Design

Capture new customers with immersive ad formats, energize your user base with captivating graphics and videos, and test the effectiveness of multiple creatives simultaneously.


Retargeting / Remarketing

Create retargeting campaigns that reduce your CPCs, offer special deals to site visitors who didn’t convert, and stay in touch with your most loyal customers.


Tracking & Insights

Implement custom conversions to track user activity on your site, count likes, comments, and shares of your content while following major trends to inform future advertising efforts.

See How We Can Help You Grow

See How We Can Help You Grow

Facebook's Ad Network includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and much more.


With the most ad formats available, Facebook.com allows brands to truly show off their creativity. Ad formats include: in-feed, right column, instant articles, in-stream video, stories, and market place.


Instagram is growing at an astonishing rate and offers a highly attentive user base. Advertise on mobile, where customers are becoming increasingly active every day. Ad formats include: in-feed, and stories.


Engage the power of the Facebook Audience Network, a partnership of third party sites that host ads through the Facebook platform, making your campaigns bigger and wider-reaching for the same cost. Ad formats include: native, banner, and interstitial.


Messenger gives customers the one-to-one interactions they have come to expect from the brands they love. Use sponsored messages to encourage actions directly through Facebook’s Messenger inbox. Ad formats include: inbox, and stories.

How We Drive Better Results


We always recommend a mix of all placement types, which allows advertisers to be present across the platform and customer journey. Placements vary and may be influenced by the nature of your business, the results your advertising generates, and the ways in which a niche audience consumes content.


Facebook's sophisticated audience management system operates across several dimensions. You may already be familiar with the basics of targeting including age, gender, language, and geography. Depending on the campaign and number of audience segments, we'll target individuals based on other more-advanced dimensions including relationship status, occupation, interests, user behaviour, and so much more.

Ad Formats

Facebook ad formats mean different things to different businesses. If your product or service needs to be demonstrated, you may consider Video. If you have an e-commerce website, Collection ads may be the way to go. Image and Carousel ads are best when you’re able to convey the benefits of your product or service with images. At Tandm, we learn all we can about your business to craft high-quality, attention-grabbing ads in the format that will maximize your return.

Reporting & Insights

We'll determine the right KPIs that create the most value for your business and will always communicate your results in a clear way. From Clicks, CTR, CPC, and CPA to likes, shares, and comments, we provide you with the data you need to understand campaign performance.

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Advanced Guide to Display Advertising

Advanced Guide to Display Advertising

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